The Author, G. Brown-Johnson, C.O.T.K. – A Child of the King, resides in Maryland; an ordained “servant” of the gospel of Jesus Christ ministering worldwide. Upon request is a worship songstress for God’s glory. A University graduate; Holy Spirit filled, fully equipped for service and is a faithful warrior. An intercessor through counseling, fasting; praying; preaching; teaching; witnessing; and enjoys writing the exaltation of Christ for Kingdom building. A mentor for ministry development through spiritual dynamics; involved with community outreach; serves as an Executive Officer. Has a heart for all people, loves the Lord and is a Child of the King of Kings!

Author’s Note: "A Bee In The Church House" is the first book released with a companion text, -“RECOVERY GUIDELINES” -- Uncontrollable Habits [Sting]. A Self-Study Reference Handbook - [Survey of the New Testament Book of Romans for individuals or groups discussion]. An in-depth disposition for obtaining the central truths of Righteousness in Him.

In addition, the Author has launched a "Heavenly Series for Children" which include books with full color illustrations. The first book in this series is: -- "A City Called Heaven" (Revelations 21-22) -- providing a simplistic understanding of a City which is to come, in God's time.

The second book in this series promotes an awareness that believers in the Lord are not alone, but are always in His presence, along with His Holy "Angels Everywhere!"

New Release: "I AM, ALIVE...!" -- a devotional guide revealing redemptive truths referenced or spoken by "I Am that I Am," from Genesis to Revelations.

All books released are written as inspired in God the Father; God the Son; God the Holy Spirit and the three are One.

C.O.T.K., LLC -- (A Child of the King) -- G. Brown-Johnson
Correspondence to: P. O. Box 1918, Clinton, MD 20735